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Artist's Statement:



The moods and colors of the ocean beaches have been a constant source of inspiration.  Memories of watching waves cascading onto the shore and then receding are entwined with the scent of salt water and the carefree joy of a dash into the surf.  The emotional essence of each locale is reflected in contrasting layers of bright paint.



Time spent in Japan gave me an appreciation for the simplified design that is indigenous to that country.  It has affected the way I look at art, architecture and fashion as well.  The art of the Arctic Inuit people, which features a subject from nature surrounded by one color, has inspired some of my work.



The parklands of Ontario with their peaceful flat landscapes and giant uninhabited lakes have been a summer destination for years and have also been favorite subjects of my paintings.  It is a pleasure to sketch and be enveloped in the stillness of the woods, rocks and shimmering water.  The works of Arthur Dove, Milton Avery and the Canadians, Lawren Harris and Jack Bush have helped me to develop my own interpretation of these beloved areas. 

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